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About Us

Latin's Floor LLC

Latin's Flooring LLC is a flooring installation company specialized in the professional placement of various types of floor coverings in a variety of commercial and residential spaces. This company offers expert and comprehensive services to meet the needs and preferences of its clients.

Assessment and Consultation

Latin's Flooring LLC begins by assessing the client's needs and the space where the installation will take place. This involves visiting the location, taking accurate measurements, and providing specialized advice on the best types of floors and suitable solutions for each project.

Latin's Flooring Services North Carolina
Material Selection

Based on the assessment and client preferences, the company assists in selecting the appropriate materials for the flooring installation project. This can include options such as ceramic tiles, wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, stone, polished concrete, among others.

Latin's Flooring Services North Carolina
Professional installation

Latin's Flooring LLC has a team of expert and trained installers who carry out the floor installation professionally. Following recommended standards and practices, they take care of proper area preparation, precise placement of the selected material, and timely project completion according to agreed-upon deadlines.

Latin's Flooring Services North Carolina
Finishes and Details

In addition to the installation itself, Latin's Flooring LLC also takes care of finishes and additional details. This may include applying sealants, varnishes, or finishing adhesives, adjusting the floor to specific space features, installing baseboards or moldings, and any other necessary detail to achieve an aesthetic and functional result.

Latin's Flooring Services North Carolina
Warranty and Customer Satisfaction

Latin's Flooring LLC, committed to quality, offers warranties on their work and strives to ensure customer satisfaction. This involves conducting follow-ups after installation, addressing any issues or concerns that may arise, and providing quality customer service.

Latin's Flooring Services North Carolina
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